Supporting Your Recovery from Start to Finish

There’s so much to think about after fires have upended your life, but it can feel overwhelming just figuring out where to start. We’re here to help you. Whether your family lost its home or your business has been disrupted, we’ll guide and support you throughout the recovery process from start to finish. We’ve been through this before - personally and professionally - after the Santa Rosa Tubbs Fire. The emotional toll is real. The process is complex. But our expert team is here for you. So you make the right decisions at the right time to help get what you deserve from your insurance policy and get back to your life as it should be.


Helping You Get Home

You deserve to get everything you paid for from your insurance. We work hard to ensure you receive the best financial settlement you can from your policy. Here’s how we do that:


Insurance Adjuster Communication

Working alongside you or taking on the task ourselves, we’ll review your insurance policy and plan the best course of action to comply with its requirements.

Strategic Inventory and Presentation

Together we’ll compile a detailed inventory of your damaged and destroyed personal property, taking care to highlight any unique items and find the smartest path to present them - whether items are covered by building or personal property insurance.

Insurance Policy Review

You have more important things to do than argue with your insurance adjuster. We’ll work collaboratively with them to develop a scope of repair that accurately reflects the amount of work needed to repair or rebuild your property.

Additional Expenses

We’ll help you determine and present any additional living expenses, loss of rental income and/or fair rental value claims, or business income and expense claims, to ensure there’s nothing you’re missing out on.

Comprehensive Property Assessment

Get an accurate cost of all that’s covered in your building claim, including: code upgrades, design and engineering costs, asbestos and lead abatement, and anything else that may be covered in your policy.

Thorough, Ongoing Documentation - Throughout the process we’ll maintain an open dialogue with you and your insurance company, to make sure your claim is documented thoroughly and effectively, from the day you step into our office to the day you re-enter your business or home.

Outside Resources


United Policyholders |

A trustworthy, independent source of information for all types of insurance, so you can feel secure with your decisions.

Consolidated Adjusting Inc. |

Find a licensed professional that will be your advocate during the insurance claim process.

Cali Fire Attorneys |

Learn more to decide if litigation against those that allegedly caused these fires is right for you.


Reclaim the Future You Deserve

Let’s get you what you deserve from your insurance claim and get you back to your life.

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Community Recovery Workshops

Get the information and insights you need to get your recovery on track from the start. Bring a copy of your insurance policy and declarations pages to get the most out of the workshop.


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